The lock combination to the gate changes on February 1, 2024

2024 Board of Directors

 Neil Melcher, President  610-326-5570

Vice President - Open

 Abby Melcher, Membership Secretary 610-326-5570

Mark Andreyko, Treasurer  610-473-7013

Christine Crowthers, Recording Secretary  610-763-2389


As of February 1st of each year any member that has not renewed by January 31st will not be allowed to automatically renew membership. They will have to follow the new membership application process and are subject to the same procedures and fees as any other new applicant. If a member is on active military duty, the association will not charge a renewal fee for that period.                                               Rev. 9/19/2017

BSA supports the right to bear arms but use them responsibly.


BSA assumes no responsible for or consequences from your actions at the range or club grounds.



Follow new member process if rejoining.

Waiver Signed and\or Implied by Every Member

I have read and understand Bally Sportsmen’s Association, Inc. Range Rules. (Range Rules can be found on the website or provided at the initial interview.) I understand and agree to follow these rules when using the ranges. I understand that I am legally responsible for my actions and every single round/arrow fired. And, I agree to pay for any damages I may cause or costs associated with my actions. I understand that a violation of any of the rules may result in my suspension or expulsion from the Club. I assume the risk of any personal injury and shall indemnify and save harmless the Club from any damages that I may cause by my use of the Bally Sportsmen’s Association, Inc. property and its facilities. I further understand that I bear the absolute responsibility for my actions and any actions of others who I may supervise.

NRA Certified Firearm Instructor available through BSA

Contact APEX Certified Firearms Training @ 610-833-8020

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